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News + announcements

The main source of news and updates is our blog, which we are slowly integrating with this very website.

TidalCycles q&a, forum and chat

For live discussion and chat, and probably the quickest route to a solution, there’s an active #tidal channel (and also e.g. a #tidal-innards channel for those interested in meddling with tidal’s internals and #tidal-doc for things interested in helping document tidal) on the TOPLAP slack. You can also chat with people using other live coding environments there on the #general and other channels.

For in-depth discussion and support around TidalCycles, the official forum is on, which is accessible both as a web forum (via the archives link) and over email.

There is also the Ask TidalCycles q&a website. Due to persistent spam, it is now readonly, but there is still much useful information there.

Social network things

Intended for announcements rather than support.


The source for Tidal, SuperDirt, Dirt and this website is accessible at

Live coding is the home of live coding, you can find out about a lot of other live coding environments there. They also have a lurk forum called livecode.


Algorave promote live coded dance music.


Some people who make/have made music with Tidal (sometimes amongst other things..), in alphabetical order: