Thanks to everyone who has made music and other strange stuff with Tidal over the years, contributing thoughts, ideas and questions which have pushed it forward. You’re all great.

TidalCycles and (Super)Dirt are created by Alex McLean, Julian Rohrhuber, Mike Hodnick, Lennart Melzer, David Ogborn, Ben Gold, Tom Murphy, Eric Fairbanks, Sean Lee, Scott Fradkin, pd3v, and friends.

The vast majority of TidalCycles development comes through volunteer work from the above fine people, however we would also like to acknowledge instutional and crowdfunding support:

Its first proper free/open source release was supported by a L’ull Cec residency at Hangar Barcelona.

Development during 2016 is partly supported by a residency at the Open Data Institute, funded by Sound and Music.

Development was also partly supported by contributors to Yaxu’s Spicule crowdfund, including the following fine people who gave extra and in return each have a function dedicated to them: Aneurin Barker-Snook (whenmod), Joel Gethin Lewis (loop), Nik Gaffney (randcat and superimpose), RJP (mortal), Sam Aaron, Scott Fradkin (stack).


Some publications related to Tidal, that you are welcome to cite in related published work.